Keratin Revolution Moisturising Mask


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The Keratin Revolution brand was born out of the desire to create a haircare brand which would help a diverse range of people manage their hair on a daily basis, giving them the foundation to create an amazing smooth, frizz-free finish. All this whilst maintaining the flexibility to be able to create differing styles from silly straight to a more bouncy volumised blow-dry through to smooth defined curls. They realised that time is a major issue for today’s modern female. Their professional treatment transforms the hair and reduces blow-dry time by 50-70%.

The Keratin Revolution brand was born in the UK and the incredible transforming technologies that drive the high performance levels of the products are representative of the diverse range of hair types that UK hairdressers handle on a daily basis from typical European through to Afro-carribean hair types. The company set about developing a system which is effective on all hair types. The ingredients used in the products has been inspired by 8 years of founder Ben Collins travelling the world and discovering amazing new cosmetic ingredients.

The team have been involved in the development of Keratin based professional hair treatments for 8 years and their most recent formula ‘Nano-Intense’ is what they believe to be the safest and most effective Keratin treatment system on today’s market. An all new CARE-LINE range has been launched, which features the signature new fragrance. The range is designed to prolong and enhance the effects of the in-salon treatment. It also works well as a stand alone daily care range, delivering smooth frizz free hair.

Innovation is at the heart of what Keratin Revolution do. They aim to continue to focus their efforts on developing the very best products in their category of hair smoothing and manageability.


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